Taking Farmers to Markets Service Delivery Handbook

Structure of teams

# Taking Farmers to Markets service lines

Our delivery teams are grouped in 4 service lines.

'Service lines' are groups of related activities that need to happen for the service to work.

For more info, read the program organisation chart in SharePoint.

# Readiness

Everything a business needs to do to be ready and approved to export.

Readiness activities:

  • requirements
  • approved arrangements
  • export registrations
  • establishments
  • fit and proper person tests.

# Clearance

Everything a business needs to do to get a single consignment cleared and exported.

Clearance activities:

  • export documentation
  • quotes
  • inspections.

# Assurance

Everything a business is reactively asked to do by the department (or a trading partner) to fulfil our regulatory role.

Assurance activities:

  • audits
  • inspections
  • incident management
  • residue management.

# Intelligence

Providing business actionable insights to make export decisions and improve performance.

Intelligence activities:

  • data and insights
  • supply chain and tractability.