Taking Farmers to Markets Service Delivery Handbook

Culture and values

# Program culture

Our culture is not about technology or building apps. It is about people and their needs.

When we talk about culture, we mean the values that underpin how people work. We are not describing the nuances of our culture. Our ways of working reflect our culture, and our culture changes with every person we work with.

Our culture is a set of values and norms that contributes to what we can achieve. It describes how we can achieve it together.

Culture is also reflected and created by the language we use.

# Our values

# Inclusivity and accessibility

Inclusivity is not just inviting everyone to the table; it is about being actively inclusive. There are many ways we can exclude - and be excluded.

Creating equal and safe spaces is hard work. It is part of doing the hard work to make things easy.

We embrace a culture of vulnerability, and acknowledge feeling safe to be vulnerable is a privilege. We actively work on building equity, not only equality.

# Working together

Our teams are part of many ecosystems: our department, government, industry and so on.

We work together across ecosystems to create the best outcomes for the people who use our services.

# Open and transparent

Working in the open means working across the department, as well as in public digital spaces (for example, open code repos and public weeknotes).

We show rather than tell, through:

  • regular showcases
  • being responsive to each other
  • sharing what we learn.

We choose to be bold when we can; failing early and often as an essential part of learning.

# People over technology

We value each others' contribution, acknowledging that the unit of delivery is the team.

We strive for measurable improvement in people's lives, over technical enablement.

# Sustainable work

We act in consideration of future impacts.

We prioritise work that can scale and build long-term value and efficiency, over short-term improvements.