Taking Farmers to Markets Service Delivery Handbook

Service design and delivery process

We design and build services to meet the Digital Service Standard.

The criteria and process follow human-centred thinking and agile ways of working. They help us create easy, fast, reliable and valuable services.

Teams work through the 5-stage service design and delivery process:

  • Mobilisation - establish teams and remove blockers to start Discovery stage.
  • Discovery stage - teams get deep understanding of people, problems and context, and develop hypotheses.
  • Alpha stage - an experimental stage; teams use prototypes to test hypotheses.
  • Beta stage - teams build an end-to-end service based on what they learn in the Alpha stage.
  • Live stage - teams maintain and improve the service.

The stages build on each other but they do not always go in order.

For example, a team working on a service in Beta may move into a new Discovery stage to work on a different problem.