Taking Farmers to Markets Service Delivery Handbook

Taking Farmers to Markets service

This handbook is by the Taking Farmers to Markets service teams.

This service is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

# Mission statement

Deliver easy, fast, reliable and valuable digital services for agricultural exporters.

# Getting started

This handbook is for:

  • people in the department working with our delivery teams
  • specialists who join our teams, like developers, designers and user researchers
  • anyone in government who wants to develop their ways of working.

The handbook describes the default way that we do things in our teams, to help you get started faster.

  1. Learn about our culture and values and language guidelines.
  2. Understand our service transformation strategy.
  3. Find out why we work in multidisciplinary delivery teams.
  4. Find out how we apply the Digital Service Standard and follow the service design and delivery process.

# Handbook contribution and reuse

We work on this handbook in the open. This makes it easier for our teams and partners to access, and easier for everyone to contribute to.

Working in the open means: