Taking Farmers to Markets Service Delivery Handbook


Mobilisation is when you establish teams and remove blockers to start Discovery stage.

# What to do in Mobilisation

You need to do all of these things before you can start Discovery stage:

  • Have the right roles in the team and understand how a multidisciplinary team works.
  • Understand human-centred design and why we need to focus on the whole user experience.
  • Understand agile delivery and how you will do budgeting and reporting when using agile.
  • Find stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • Complete any relevant reviews and approvals for your proposed research.
  • Start your user research plan and be ready to start researching straight away.
  • Understand the legislation, regulations and policies that may impact your service.
  • Find an open space for the team to co-locate with internet access, IT systems and printers.
  • Buy any equipment needed by the team (for example, laptops).

# Get everything ready to research

Start preparing your recruitment briefs once you have identified your user base. Finding actual representative users can take some time. Aim to include a participant with a physical or cognitive challenge in this.

Talk to the ResearchOps team for help recruiting users as soon as possible.

If you don’t have everything ready to go, the team may be blocked for a long time. For example, ethical reviews and approvals on a user research plan might take several sprints of the team’s time.

# Finishing Mobilisation

At the end of Mobilisation, you should have:

  • all the roles needed in the team and plans for filling any gaps
  • identified the stakeholders and subject matter experts, and scheduled regular time with them through Discovery
  • found an open space with plenty of wall space and whiteboards, and stationery (post-it notes, index cards and sharpie markers) for the team to co-locate during Discovery
  • checked that all the building facilities are ready for the team (access to the building, wifi, IT systems and printers)