Taking Farmers to Market Service Delivery Handbook

Words to avoid

This is a list of words we avoid, and why.

These words are harmful or confusing for people. You can usually find a different word that is more effective.

We must make our service easy to understand and use so it available to everyone who needs it.

This is a requirement of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

For more help please use the department style guide on the intranet.

  • ceremonies (use 'events'; there is no one set of mandatory ceremonies or rituals in agile)
  • combating
  • commit/pledge (we need to be more specific - we’re either doing something or we’re not)
  • facilitate (instead, say something specific about how you’re helping)
  • guys (use 'people' or 'team' instead)
  • impact (do not use this as a synonym for have an effect on, or influence)
  • portal (we build services that work together, not silos)
  • progress (as a verb - what are you actually doing?)
  • project (we work on 'products' and 'services' that we support and maintain)
  • resources (unless they are computers or stationery; people are not resources)
  • tackling (unless it’s rugby, football or some other sport)
  • transforming (what are you actually doing to change it?)
  • user testing (we test products and services, not people)

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